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The most elegant and stunning Prestigious Honors

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We call “next level” awards Prestigious Honors and no other company commemorates Prestigious Honors like Picture Worth Custom Framing. You may see some imitations like ours out there, but we make original designs.

Big Differences

There are some major differences between between Picture Worth Custom Framing and some of our big name competition, Michael's and Hobby Lobby. The chart below will illustrate several of the major differences between our companies.

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Local Houston Art Exhibit Featuring Contemporary European Artists

Heights Art Gallery & Studios, The Museum of the Americas, and Adriana Daly-Peterovacordially invite you and your guests to the opening of the exhibition byCONTEMPORARY EUROPEAN ARTISTS(from Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia)onSaturday, November 5from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PMatHEIGHTS ART GALLERY & STUDIOS214 East 27th Street - Houston, TX 77008featuring:Reinhard BAGYURA (Austria) - Roman BALAZ [...]

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