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Life After The '08 Armageddon

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The warnings were everywhere, yet everybody stayed in their cozy little bubble, not paying attention to anyone other than their own. 

Then… it happened! 

The United States economy is on the fritz and everything is turning topsy-turvy. Corporations, small, medium and large, began a new way of conducting business. 

For most, it was survival mode, but after the dust settled a new reality struck our great nation.

Many of us were laid off unexpectedly when already struggling to make ends meet.  Disaster ensued. People lost their jobs, their homes, their comfort zone, their peace of mind... myself included. 

This was my second stint with my employer, after being laid off the first time.  I just knew that things would be different this time. I loved my job and the people in it. I felt like this could be my job for life.

I received a phone call from corporate one day, informing me that I had three days to shut my location down and to let my employees know that they no longer had a place to work. My exit severance was tied to all high-end equipment being accounted for upon exit.  It easily went from the best situation that I could of been in, to the worst situation imaginable.

Corporate said, "Leave the artwork and get out of there!"  There is no way that I would leave my clients' pieces of art abandoned without being fulfilled.

I drove 23 pieces of artwork to my clients' homes because they trust me. Into the night, by myself, I delivered their artwork. To this day, they still trust me and my staff because we do what is right for our clients.

We do what is right, like offering a 30% perpetual discount to our United States military veterans, our first responders, and our school teachers or crafting our exclusive "eMotion frames". 

This website is dedicated to the many folks fighting cancer. I promise to do everything in my power to ensure that my company helps to find a cure.  We have art scholarships and more community involvement than any other wall decor business.  We care that much!

If you would like to team up with us, please contact us.

Thank you for your time and for your support of our small business.

Melissa Johnson

General Manager

Picture Worth Custom Framing

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